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Folks….it’s February. For some, it signifies the recognition of historical figures in Black History. For others, it is counting down to Feb 15th when Valentine’s Day will be officially done for the year. For us, it marks the beginning of Feb-stache-uary.624x600eatftmustacheIn its second year in existence, our fellow male residents band together for one month to grow facial hair like it’s going out of style. The cause: to show support in preparation for the Emergency Medicine Inservice Exam. Last year, the females joined in on the cause by wearing fake moustaches. Overall, comraderie was in the air…and if anything, some great photos were taken which will definitely be a part of the graduation roast.

Historically, moustaches were worn by men in the military…the higher in rank, the more prominent the moustache. In some cultures, the moustache is a sign of virility. Villanous characters are often portrayed with a moustache. Some notable moustache types include Dali, Fu Manchu, Handlebar, and the Walrus.

For a complete listing as well as monthly mustache interviews, please visit the American Mustache Institute

The moustache holds its own place in the public health spotlight. Since 1993, the “Got milk?” campaign has recruited famous political and social figures to wear milk moustaches to promote the benefits of milk consumption (osteoporosis, sleep, cavities, muscle rebuilding, strong hair, skin and nails).

Movember is a charity event in November to raise funds and awareness for issues in men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. Originating in Australia, men worldwide can register online as “Mo Bros” with a clean shaven face and work on growing their “Mo” all month while raising money in support for the cause. The Gala Partes festivities take place at the end of the month, wear Borat and Hulk Hogan look-alikes come out and celebrate. Check it out!

Last but not least, reflect on some of these famous moustaches (we need to get Dr. Tabbey on this list):

Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hiler, Friedrich Nietzsche, Josef, Stalin, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Frank Zappa, George Harrison, Dennis DeYoung, Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury, John Oates, Otis Redding, Jim Croce, Howard Hughes, Tom Selleck, Mark Spitz, Hulk Hogan, Salvador Dali, Pat Morita, Mike Ditka.

Happy Feb-stache-uary!  Here is a little treat…can you identify the face behind each stache



Thanks for reading.

Your comments and thoughts are much appreciated!

Dr. Marjan Siadat is a second-year Emergency Medicine resident at Detroit Receiving Hospital, Wayne State University. She is the editor of the public health section for Receiving.

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  1. Dr. Tabbey always looks that way. He’s the original and we are the imitators.

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