Question of the Week

Hypersensitivity to what two foods is a contraindication to using propofol?

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20 Responses

  1. Eggs

  2. Eggs

  3. Eggs and soybean products

  4. 1) eggs
    2) nuts

  5. soy and egg

  6. Eggs and soybeans.

  7. egg and soybean

  8. Eggs and Soy products.

  9. 1. eggs
    2. peanuts

  10. Soybeans and Eggs.
    Propofol formulation (2-6 diisopropylphenol in lipid vehicle) contains soybean oil and egg lecithin.

  11. Egg & Soy bean

  12. egg and soybean

  13. egg and soybean

  14. eggs or soybean oil sensitivity

  15. Eggs and soy products

  16. Don’t use propofol if the patient has an egg and soy allergy

  17. egg (egg products) or soy (soy products)

  18. eggs and soy

  19. egg or soybean

  20. soy and egg

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