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Administration of nitroglycerin is contraindicated if sildenafil has been taken within what timeframe?  What about tadalafil?

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  1. PDE5 + NTG = hypotension.
    Most recommend no NTG for people on Sildenafil for 24 hours, but studies have shown it can be safe after as little as 4 hours.
    Tadalafil has a much longer half-life (about 17.5 h compared to 4h). Studies show the interaction ith NTG lasts at least 24hrs but can be a long as 48 in some subjects.

  2. 12-24 hours

  3. Nitroglycerin is contraindicated within 24 hrs of Sildenafil and 48hrs of Tadalafil. Due to the Longer half-life of Tadalafil.

  4. Safe dosing of nitroglycerine with use of sildenafil occurs six half-lives, or 24 hours after the most recent dose. However, due to the longer half-life of tadalafil, safe dosing of nitroglycerine can not occur until 48 hours after the most recent dose, and even at this point monitoring and hemodynamic support capabilities are necessary.

  5. Administriation of ntg is contraindicated if sildenafil was taken within the last 24 h, or tadalafil within the last 48.

  6. 24 h for both.

  7. NO + sildenafil = 24 hours
    NO + tadalafil = 48 hours
    sildenafil + tadalafil = priceless

  8. sildenafil – 24 hours
    tadalafil – 48 hours

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