Question of the Week

Which one of the following events is the most common cause of postpartum deaths?

A)  Pulmonary embolism

B)  Sepsis

C)  Severe hemorrhage

D)  Suicide

E)  Seizure

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10 Responses

  1. C

  2. C

  3. Severe Hemorrhage

  4. C. hemorrhage as the most common.

    You didnt have homicide on your list…domestic violence increases around pregnancy and in the postpartum period it is an ever present danger leading to an increase in injury rates and homicide.

  5. D. Suicide

  6. Severe Hemorrhage/ Bleeding is the leading cause.

  7. Severe Hemorrhage

  8. severe hemorrhage

  9. c) hemorrhage

    according to the WHO this accounts for 25% of maternal death


  10. Severe hemorrhage.

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