Conference Recordings

July 2011

Administration at DMC – Dr Erik Olsen   

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell

CPC – Dr Meena Munshi vs Dr Robert Wahl

Radiology Rounds – Dr Kerin Jones       

August 2011

Guidelines for Emergent Cardiovascular Care in STEMI – Dr Mahir Elder

Follow-Up Rounds: Paging Dr ROSC? – Dr Sam Sadler

Cardiac Resuscitation and Cerebral Reanimation – Dr Brian O’neil

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Aimee Nefcy             

Mechanical Ventilation Part 1 – Dr Hasan Shanawani

Non-Accidental Pediatric Trauma – Dr Earl Hartwig

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk                               

Upper Extremity Fractures – Dr Ali Hassan              

Traumatic Brain Injury – Dr Bill Coplin          

Integrating Evidence-Based Medicine into your Practice – Dr Gloria Kuhn

Should We Be Using Tranexamic Acid on Trauma Patients? – Dr Lisa Moreno-Walton

Pseudoaxioms – Dr David Newman       

September 2011

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Stephanie Wise    

Thermal Burn Management – Dr Brian Junilla 

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Jeff Cloyd          

Cardiac Dysrrhythmias – Dr Claire Jensen    

Wound Management: Make it Sew – Dr Debia Kim

Upper GI Emergencies – Dr Matthew Steimle

Sepsis Management – Dr Robert Sherwin     

Apparent Life Threatening Events – Dr Silvija Akbary

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk                       

Mechanical Ventilation Part 2 – Dr Hasan Shanawani

Ventricular-Vascular Coupling in Acute Heart Failure – Dr Phillip Levy

Belly Labs in Undifferentiated Abdominal Pain – Dr Jack Perkins

Literature Review – Dr Shereaf Walid 

Neuro Infectious Disease – Dr Bill Coplin   

Management of NSTEMI – Dr Tahir Mohamed

Intracranial Hypertension – Dr Benjamin Atkinson

October 2011

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Daniel Helzer                 

Mechanical Ventilation Part 3 – Dr Hasan Shanawani

Vertigo – Dr Angela Groves                         

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Daniel Paling                 

Airway Management – Dr Brandon Cheppa        

Pediatric Trauma: What Makes Them Different than Adults? – Dr Srinivasan Suresh

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk                           

Ocular Emergencies – Dr Ali Hassan                    

November 2011

Dr Jonathon Sullivan – Aortic Catastrophes Part 1 (Aortic Aneurysms)

Dr Jonathon Sullivan – Aortic Catastrophes Part 2 (Aortic Dissections)

Dr Matthew Hedge – Toxin-Induced Seizures  

Dr Jeanise Butterfield – Follow-Up Rounds       

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Justin Kessler 

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk                           

Pediatric Seizures – Dr Ameer Hassoun    

Dental Blocks – Dr Peter Jensen     

Oral Effects of Methamphetamine Use – Dr Peter Jensen

December 2011

Thoracic Trauma – Dr Sarah Albers           

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Deepa Japra         

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Ryan Doss             

Dr Ayse Avcioglu – Pediatric Trauma           

Dr Kelly Levasseur – Pediatric Visual Diagnosis

Dr Scott Freeman – Tachycardias               

Dr Crystal Arthur – Spinal Epidural Abscess 

Dr Debia Kim – Morbidity & Mortality          

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Deshon Moore       

ECG Rounds – Part 1 & 2 – Dr William Berk   

Evaluation of Pediatric Sexual Abuse – Dr Earl Hartwig

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Matthew Steimle     

ACEP Review – Drs Wise, Cloyd, Wilburn, Kyle-Sidell

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr John Wilburn               

End of Life Care – Dr Hasan Shanawani           

January 2012

CPC:  Dr Kyle-Sidell vs Dr Rosh   

CPC:  Dr Nefcy vs Dr Olsen         

CPC:  Dr Cloyd vs Dr Wahl          

CPC:  Dr Wise vs Dr Arthur         

CPC:  Dr Dobratz vs Dr Hedge    

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Dan Helzer

In-Training Cardiology Review (Part 1) – Dr Kerin Jones

In-Training Cardiology Review (Part 2) – Dr Kerin Jones

Ductal Dependent Lesions in the ED – Dr Curt Stankovic

Thyroid Storm – Dr Frankie Civitarese & Dr Robert Wahl

Children’s Mock Code Training – CHOM        

In-Training Review: Test Taking Strategy – Dr Scott Freeman

In-Training Review: ENT – Dr Scott Freeman

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk             

Hematologic Emergencies – Dr Aimee Nefcy                

February 2012

Difficult Patient Encounters – Kenneth Appleby            

HIV Emergencies – Dr William Berk      

Do Patients Pith Themselves? – Dr Geoffrey Hayden    

Private Practice Ultrasound – Dr Geoffrey Hayden

Syncope – Dr Jonathan Sullivan              

Use and Misuse of Cardiac Biomarkers in the ED – Dr Phillip Levy

In-Training Review Thoracic and GI – Dr Erik Olsen

Spinal Cord Injuries – Dr William Coplin   

In-Training Trauma Review – Dr Robert Wahl 

In-Training Thoracic Trauma Review – Dr Robert Wahl

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk     

Slip Em A Lil Somethin’: the Agitated Patient – Dr Jeff Cloyd

Hemorrhage Control in Trauma – Dr Katie Dobratz

March 2012

Serotonin Syndrome – Dr Andrew Stolbach

Toxicology Pseudomyths (and Myths) – Dr Andrew Stolbach

Follow-Up Rounds: Spectrum of Thyroid Disease – Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell

Follow-Up Rounds: The Lucky Draw – Dr Ryan Doss 

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Kevin Sprague                   

Pediatric Oncologic Emergencies – Dr Nirmala Bhaya  

International Elective: Ethiopia – Dr Daniel Seitz        

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Deshon Moore                     

The Receiving Handshake – DRH Chiefs                   

HIV Testing in the ED: Bane or Boon? – Dr William Berk

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Claire Jensen       

April 2012

Bath Salts and Potpourri: Not Just for the Bathroom Anymore – Dr Bram Dolcourt

How EM Physicians Think – Dr Wallace Carter

Are You My Doctor?  Patients, Doctors and Duty Hours 2012 – Dr Wallace Carter

Challenging Ultrasound Cases – Dr Leonard Bunting

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Meredith Hill & Erik Olsen

Pediatric Altered Mental Status – Dr Earl Hartwig

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Craig Sharkey & Kerin Jones

Diarrhea Part 1 – Dr Jonathon Sullivan

Diarrhea Part 2 – Dr Jonathon Sullivan

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Ayse Avcioglu

May 2012

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Megan Dougherty & Robert Wahl

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Sam Sadler

CPC competition for SAEM – Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell

The Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon – Dr Scott Weingart

PGY-2 Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Sarah Hyatt

PGY-2 Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Jeanice Butterfield

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Maso and Freeman  

I Got Gas – Dr Scott Freeman             

LEAN Processes in the ED – Dr William Durkin

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Timothy Scott & Scott Freeman

PGY-1 Lecture – Drs Adnan Sabic & Erik Olsen         

Morbidity and Mortality – Dr Meena Munshi

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk          

Pediatric Resus Mock Code – Dr Usha Sethuraman

SAEM Abstracts – PGY-2 Residents                      

PGY-2 Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Daniel Paling 

Morbidity and Mortality – Dr Shereaf Walid

June 2012

Asthma – Drs Kenney and Freeman

FU-Rounds – Dr Stefanie Wise

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Brandon Cheppa

Concussions – Dr Bartsoff & Dr Wahl

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Justin Kessler

Small Bowel Obstruction – Dr Kraushaar & Dr Jones

Shock Trauma – Dr Daniel Seitz

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Deepa Japra

Pediatric Headaches – Dr Syana Sarnaik

Bugs & Drugs: Antibiotic Review – PharmD Suprat Saely

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk

Attending Roast – Class of 2012           

July 2012

Welcome to Academic Year & Difficult Case Series – Chiefs

FU Rounds – Dr Kristi Maso

Case Management – Dr Shereaf Walid

Finding Your Why? – Dr Adam Rosh

Morbidity & Mortallity – Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell

August 2012

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Tim Scott                    

Context: Understanding Testing Thresholds – Dr Shereaf Walid

Bedside Teaching Pearls – Dr Sarkis Kouyoumjian

ED Triage and Evaluation of Patients with Chest Pain – Dr Judd Hollander

High Sensitivity Cardiac Markers – Dr Judd Hollander

One Giant Leap – Dr Jeff Janowicz              

Anticoagulation Reversal – PharmD Steven Levy

Does Pregnancy Change a Woman?  – Dr Andrew Klutman

Morbidity & Mortality –  Dr Justin Kessler    

Emergency Presentations of Congenital Heart Diseases – Dr Utkarsh Fichadia

ECG Rounds – Dr William Berk                 

Gynecologic Emergencies – Dr Crystal Arthur

Case Presentations & SBAR – Dr Gloria Kuhn 

Intracerebral Hemorrhage & Wellness – Dr Phil Lewalski

Neuro ED Treatment Trials Network – Dr Robert Welch

Rheumatologic Emergencies – Dr Stefanie Wise    

Asthma in the ED: The Science and the Practice – Dr Brian O’Neil

ED Management of Asymptomatic Hypertension – Dr Philip Levy

Acute Limb Ischemia – Dr Kevin Sprague    

September 2012

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Jeanise Butterfield

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Arun Rajasakher 

ECG Rounds – Dr Bill Berk                      

Necrotizing Fasciitis – Dr Frankie Civitarese

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr John Wilburn  

Upper Extremity Orthopedics – Dr Ali Hassan

Common Pediatric Fractures – Dr Valerie Whitcomb

It’s a Disaster! Now What? – Dr Stefanie Wise  

Blunt Chest Trauma – Dr Jeff Cloyd                 

Medicolegal In-Service – Lawrence Garcia Esq  

Acute GI Bleeds thru the Eyes of the Intensivist – Dr Najia Huda

October 2012

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Adam Bartsoff

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Vit Kraushaar

Clinical Skills: X-Rays – Dr Kerin Jones

Getting Sued – Dr Jeff Janowicz     

Burns – Dr Ryan Doss

Evisceration – Dr Alisson Loynd

Near Drowning & Other Tales – Dr Matthew Hedge

The Life and Times of Michael Swango – Dr Bram Dolcourt

Trick or Treat & Other Painful Things – Dr Kerin Jones

Hyperkalemia – Dr Jonathon Sullivan

November 2012

FU Rounds – Dr Meredith Hill

December 2012

Can you check if I pulled a muscle?  – Dr Adnan Sabic

Oncologic Emergencies  – Dr Daniel Helzer

ABG Rounds –  Dr Scott Freeman

Difficult Case Series –  Dr Jeff Cloyd

International Medicine in Laos –  Dr Kristiana Kaufmann

Follow-Up Rounds – Dr Jaime Kenney

DRH ED Pain Management Panel Discussion

Morning Report – Dr Adam Rosh

Pediatric Endocrine Emergencies – Dr Vanessa Perez

ACEP Denver 2012 Review – PGY-2 Residents

ECG Rounds – Dr Bill Berk

January 2013

CPC – Dr Ryan Doss vs Dr Robert Klever

CPC – Dr Erin Murphy vs Dr Kerin Jones

CPC – Dr Tim Scott vs Dr Shereaf Walid

CPC – Dr John Wilburn vs Dr Aimee Nefcy

CPC – Dr Kevin Sprague vs Dr Erik Olsen

CPC – Dr Stefanie Wise vs Attendings

Eye Can’t See – Dr Jeanise Butterfield

Common Newborn Complaints – Dr Brian Park

Hyponatremia – Dr Jonathon Sullivan

ECG Rounds – Dr Bill Berk

Morbidity & Mortality – Dr Stefanie Wise

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