Free Emergency Medicine Talks
Great collection of mostly audio, ALL free Emergency Medicine talks. Curated by Joe Lex.

EB Medicine
Free to all residents. Great short summaries of major topics in EM, peds EM and critical care.

High-Quality Medical Education
The Hennepin County EM group has put together a great collection of free short educational videos.

Wave Maven
Terrific EKG website to test yourself at – 430 different EKGs!

the NNT
David Newman’s website that looks at the evidence behind the decisions.

Terrific tool put together by Dr. Walker.

Our very own Dr. Cloyd covering resuscitation and post-resuscitation management.

Life in the Fast Lane
The best EM blog – many features and regularly updated.

EM Literature of Note
Dr. Radecki reviews recent and relevant literature.

EM Crit
Bringing the upstairs downstairs – Dr. Weingart provides an excellent critical care blog AND podcast.

Smith’s EKG Blog
The best EKG blog out there – lots of tracings and lots of information.
Dr. Reid covers the pearls and pitfalls of resuscitation.

The Poison Review
Toxicology blog by Dr. Gussow.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine
Dr. Lin’s blog about all things academic and emergency.

Broome Docs
Dr. Parker’s blog from down under – lots of cases and lots of info.

Emergency Medicine Ireland
Dr. Neil blogging from Dublin about all things emergency medicine.


DRH Emergency Medicine Podcast

The gold standard of EM audio. Entertaining and informative. Free with your EMRA membership.

EM Abstracts
Monthly lit review. Also free with your EMRA membership.

Both of the above can be accessed at: EMRA Access

Smart EM
Dr. Newman and Dr. Shreves get down and dirty examining the literature behind the literature.

ER Cast
Dr. Orman’s podcast – very well done, mostly interviews.

Ultrasound Podcast

This list is by no means comprehensive – just some highlights of what’s out there.

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